Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day

Braves Game, Rocks, Family Dedication

Wow, my first Mother's Day! What a beautiful day. It also ended up being Baby Dedication for Sophie, how appropriate. My whole family was there for the service and then we spent the afternoon at my mom's house. Marc's family lives out of town and his dad has been in the hospital, so they weren't able to be there. (His dad is now recovering from surgery- please keep him in your prayers). It was so sweet and encouraging to see everyone's excitement for me, especially my family. I didn't realize how long and deeply they had been waiting for me to become a mom too. I think they may have enjoyed the day more for me than for themselves.

Being a mom has been incredible these 5 months. Its so strange that I can barely remember what life was like before Sophie. It has been an adjustment but one that has brought nothing but joy and thankfulness. The Lord has been so good to us and my biggest desire now is to be faithful in this new role. Sophie is a precious life that has been entrusted to us to care for, protect, nurture and especially to bring up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. What an accountability partner!! There is no bigger accountability than to know that the way I live out the things I say I believe, will directly affect the life of my child and the way she views God. Of course this is too tall an order to think I can carry myself, I have got to walk by faith in His grace. It is only by His grace that I can be a faithful mother.

Please enjoy the pictures of this beautiful child. My word, she is beautiful! I've told several people that as we were dreaming of Sophie before we ever saw her picture I would automatic picture a beautiful Chinese baby with pig-tails. Then I would have to say outloud to Marc, "Ok, she might not be cute at all, so I need to stop picturing this perfect little child. She's going to be precious to us no matter what she looks like." Well, not that it matters (it might even make things even harder:-)) but I think we may have gotten the cutest baby in China!! (but I know all of us mothers think so). We'll have to post another video soon so you can see her little personality too.

God Bless you all. Thank you for being interested in our lives.