Sunday, December 30, 2007

Trip Home and Homecoming

Sophie Mei Lewis 12.28-30.2007
click on the picture to view more pictures.

We will have some pictures soon of the welcome party at the airport.

Getting Back on Time

We will have some pictures up later today from the last day of travel and the past two days. We are trying to get back to Georgia time and it seems like Sherry and Sophie are doing pretty good. I am not doing so well at it. I think today is the day that I will turn it around and get back on schedule. We are loving being at home and spending time with family. Sherry's family has been over and we are now, as I blog, at mom and dad Marechale's house having Christmas. My side of the family will be coming down on the 2nd and Sophie can't wait!!

We do appreciate your patience with us and allowing us to have family and adjustment time. Sophie is doing so good and will probably "go public" soon.

Please pray for her bath time. She doesn't seem to like water much and crys. When we get her out she is fine and smiles. Any suggestions on how to help her with bath time? Just click on the comment tab below and let us know. For now we are just thinking that she will soon love it. We love you and look forward to fellowshipping with you soon!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Georgia, it is like an old sweet song...

We are home! It has been over 33 hours of traveling and we are just now trying to eat, get cleaned up and attempt sleeping. Thank you for all your prayers. Sophie did so good!!!! She only really cried a couple of times and those were all explainable.

1. We tried to prepare the bottle in front of her on the plane.
2. Hour 28 after landing in ATL as we taxied on the runway she cried for about 30seconds.
3. Riding in her first car seat. She had a fit after she realized(I think) that she was in a car seat and then was good to go.

Wow, what a greeting Sophie had at the airport!!! Thanks to all who came and welcomed her home. Salem Students are some of the best students in the world.

We will keep you posted on how things are. Please continue to pray for Sophie and all the girls that now have a family and a home. Pray for the orphans of the world.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Night China

Sophie Mei Lewis 12.27.2007

Tonight is our last night in China, Lord willing. We will be leaving in the AM to begin our travels back to Georgia. We will arrive in ATL around 9:00PM Friday night. We are so ready to be home. China has been great. Our time her has been and will be one of the greatest times of our lives. But, it's time to go home, so I rejoice. My girls are ready to be home. Pray for us as we travel. Pray that Sophie would have a great time and sleep well. Pray that we would take care of each other and be full of His strength. Pray for all the families and babies as we travel. We love you and will post once we get home Friday night to let you know all is well.

Oh yeah, Sophie and Zoie (the little baby she pushed over yesterday) have made up. They held hands in the lobby of the hotel today. Sophie has had a great day filled with food, naps, walks, visas and laughs.

See you soon.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ready to Come Home

Sophie Mei Lewis 12.26.2007

We have two more nights in China(counting tonight) and we are ready to get home. I think Sophie is ready too. When I think about all the changes she has been through it breaks my heart and helps me to be patient when she is obstinate and fussy. Just think about it, she was placed on the steps of a government building the day after she was born, spent a week in the orphanage, spent 10+ months in a foster home in a village, was put in the arms of two crazy in love white people (us) and then has stayed in two different hotels, eating in too many places, shopping, walking, pooping etc. Needless to say she has been through a lot. We are ready to get home and begin some normalcy in family and function. Today she pushed over another baby (see pictures), cried at the top of her lungs as she got her bath...that top gets higher every few days, chose to fuss over dinner and fought going to sleep. We pushed her past her limits today as we were out too long. I don't like to see my baby cry...Sophie too. haha, no Sherry is doing great. Really though, we have been showing you all the cute and fun pictures, but as you know none of us are good, no not even one. Sophie knows how to cry to get what she wants and for now that's what we give her. I am so thankful for my mom and dad and those of you who helped to shape me as I was a baby, child, teen, and then a man. Please pray for the next few days as we wrap things up here and get home. And please, keep praying for us as we begin to adjust to one another back home. Man, she is so precious. You are going to just love talking with her. She loves her mommy and I am pretty sure she loves me too. I believe she knows we are hers. That reminds me of the song "I am my beloveds and He is mine". We are made for relationships, for love, for belonging. Christ made a way for us and drew us into the family of God. That process was full of heart and mind change, of identity change. It was a time of trust, a time to let go our our will and grasp onto His. For some it was less painful. Well, Sophie is going through much change. Please pray that God would supernaturally help Sophie to see that we want the best for her, that she would trust us and relax and begin to know that we are here to stay, that we will never abandon her or leave her(outside of death itself).

Love your children today, your friends today, your family today, your siblings, your people, your's more powerful than we know.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day in China (Video)

click on the area above twice to view the video. We hope you have had a great Christmas day. We did.

Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.
Psalm 50:2

God has indeed done this for His great fame and our undeserved good through Jesus. Thank You Jesus for coming and giving us life in You.

Merry Christmas From China (pictures)

Sophie Mei Lewis Christmas Day in China

Merry Christmas everyone. We are missing you today, but are at peace. We started out our Christmas day going to a tea house for some...well...tea. It was pretty neat seeing how they get the tea ready. It is an art. There is a picture I have on here of a very expensive tea pot, check it out and let me know if you want one or two.

We made it back to the Hotel in time for some formula and a nap. I (Marc) went out for a walk today as the girls napped. It was great weather and I didn't take the camera, sorry. I probably would have just taken pictures of cars and bikes and fish heads anyways, that's what I was feeling. I like how they drive in Asia, offensive driving. They drive like running backs...know where they are going and do everything not to get hit. We drive in the states so worried about where everyone else is going and not going. They just get there...pretty exciting.

In the later afternoon we went over the hotel next to us for some Christmas pictures in Sophie's Christmas dress. She looks so beautiful.

After the pictures we went to dinner with a bunch of folks and had an Arabia Nights Christmas. Some of the folks were reminded of the movie A Christmas Story when they went out for dinner at the Chinese restaurant for duck. It was actually very good.

Sherry is wearing her mother daughter pendant that I gave them today or whatever you call it and Sophie played with the box hers came in. She will wear it when she is older...not the box. It has two parts one in English and the other in Chinese. I trust that it says "mother daughter" and not something like "eat more chicken". I that would be kind of cool, but not really, if you think about it...that we be pretty stupid.

We had a good read through Luke's account of the Christmas story. Sophie was so into the first few sentences and then she was out like a light. I love the story of my Savior! My redeemer. The one who made it possible for me to be adopted into God's family.

Merry Christmas!
Marc, Sherry, and Sophie Mei

A video should be up in a couple of hours.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Winter Wonderland, Dancing and a Fish Head????

We love ya'll. Have a very Merry Christmas Eve.

Click on the picture to view some pictures and videos.
Sophie Mei Lewis 12.23-24.2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our first day out in Guangzhou

Sophie Mei Lewis 12.23.2007

Well, right now I'm (Sherry) in Starbucks. When I left Sophie was playing with Marc, winding down for bedtime. They have had some good one on one time today. After our outing to the museum and park, we came back to the hotel, had lunch and then I had two hours worth of paperwork to do. One parent from each family had to meet with the director and his wife to do paperwork, Marc volunteered me. It was so funny to see all of the women in that meeting. It was mostly the moms who prepared the paperwork through the process, evidence of the passion of a women pursuing her child. After that gruelling process, we got ready for dinner and ate with most of the families at the Japanese restaurant. Tomorrow morning all of the babies will have a physical exam as part of the application for an American visa. After that we will go shopping together as a group. Then, the next day is Christmas!!!! We have a free day to celebrate however we want. Marc is trying to put together some sort of small Christmas service for everyone.

In case any of you wondered, Marc is an incredible Daddy. I'm not sure if we've ever told eachother we loved eachother so many times in such a short period of time. I think there is a very good possibility she could turn out to be a Daddy's girl. He is such a natural at loving, thinking for, and taking care of her. And, of course, he can make her laugh at the drop of a hat. Speaking of laughing, if you'll notice Marc is playing hackey sack with some people in the pictures. He just walked up to these older people (very impressed with the 50+ year old ladies playing)and asked if he could play with them, they were thrilled. We are both really enjoying our time here in China, we're ready to be home to introduce little Sophie Mei to everyone but this time has been so special and refreshing. Sophie is doing really well too. The very first night we had her she was a little shy and would even jerk her head away from us when we tried to talk to her. But as you can see from the pictures and video she is quite affectionate and personable. She is eating better and better. She is probably the smallest baby in our group. She was 11 months old last week but she isn't even thinking about crawling yet. We're working on that right now. In her referral it was noted that she was "obstinate". Some people told us that they will put the same thing in everyone's referral so we didn't think a whole lot about this description. We've since learned that she is, indeed, obstinate at times. She knows how to scream when she doesn't like something or if you're not moving quickly enough. She's learning to give kisses though, and that makes up for any screaming that's done. Kisses for Mommy and Daddy make everything better.

Well, for those of you who know me, its way past my bedtime, 10:08 pm, and my eyes are beginning to cross. I am hoping that staying up this late will help me sleep past 4:30 am tomorrow. We will be sure to send you Christmas pictures. Everyone have a wonderful Christmas eve tomoorrow.

Love you,

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Where's Mommy and Sophie....there they are!!! (video)

You may need to click on the area twice to start it.

Today we are going to a Museum of Chinese Folk Art. It should be pretty cool. We will be out for a few hours and then maybe go to one of the big parks across the street from the hotel. It is much warmer here in Guangzho. Sohpie is sleeping, eating, pooping (somewhat potty trained---that's another blog---without pictures) and just doing great. Mommy feels much better today. It has been cool seeing all the other folks from the group this morning. We received our babies in three or four different places. There are babies, children, and an eleven year old child that have been adopted. They are doing well. Please pray for the orphans of China!!! or the World.

Starbucks in China...with free internet

We made it and all is well. Sophie did so good on the flight, praise the Lord for Goldfish crackers and Chinese ham sandwiches. We are now in the last week of our journey in China. We are praying for God to continue to show us his mercy as we finish up paperwork and travel around town. We do not have free Internet in the hotel so I am in the Starbucks that is connected to it. Pretty cool. This area of the country is very modern and cutting edge. Lots of sharp dudes walking around talking big on the cell phones...don't know what they are saying but they are making it happen all the same. Then theres the two dudes next to me just looking at me...they are gone now...Starbucks lady just stared them down for not ordering it. We gave Sophie a bath and bottle and Sherry is putting her in the crib as I catch you up. Sherry is doing so good taking care of and loving Sophie. She has learned so much from many of you...THANK YOU. God is wise in His timing for all things so that in Him and for Him and through Him He will bring Glory out for us to see and love.

click on Sherry and Sophie for some pictures.
Sophie Mei Lewis 12.22.2007 (Travel Day)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Traveling to Guangzhou Today

Click on the picture to see more.
Sophie Mei Lewis 12.21-22.2007

Today we are leaving for Guangzhou. This is where we will meet with the US Consulate to receive Sophie's American visa. Please pray that all would go well for all the families. We have her Chinese passport already. Once she is in the USA she will become a US citizen. The first few pictures in the album above were taken while she was in foster care. The pictures from yesterday shows the type of neighborhood most of the girls are from. Pray for the children and people of China. I will get copies of the two pictures and scan them when we get home so I can post them better. We may not be able to blog and post in the next city, we think we will but you never know. Please continue to pray for us. We love you all. Also, pray for Sophie as she flys on a plane for the first time. The pressure can hurt little ears. Also pray for Sherry. She is not feeling 100% physically today.

Day Out

Click on the picture to view more pictures from today.
Sophie Mei Lewis 12.20-21.2007

Click on the picture to view more pictures from today.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Daydreaming (video)

A Father's Love

Hey, it's Marc. Normally by the time I have the pictures up and ready and videos somewhat edited, I don't have it in me to write. But, my girls are watching a movie in the bed and didn't invite me. Sophie is just laying on her back on Sherry's chest playing with a hand towel and her ear being very calm and warm. Sherry is so in love it's crazy. I thought she loved me...well, I have never seen this before. How can one love so much??? Man it is overwhelming! very overwhelming. Very good. Super good. A met longing is something other. I can't really put it into words. It's just better than what we have thought or imagined. God is good to us. Although Jesus is the center of God's plan for mankind, He does, through Jesus love us with unexplainable love that fills and motivates. God loves me as a son. I can feel it more and understand that love, although only a fraction. He fights for me. I will break you in half, or find someone to do it if you mess with my baby girl. He sings over me, I can't stop singing to and over Sophie. The word Mei has so many words to rhyme with.

Here comes my Sophie Mei
You can try but you won't look the other way.
Sophie Mei, Sophie Mei
Just to hold you another day.
I can not think, write or say
any thing close to express my love for Sophie Mei

But He loves me. I am reminded this season of our Father's love. Contemplate it before you get caught up with things that don't matter, and with things that do.

Well, I am going to invite myself over to the movie and warm up a little. We love ya'll so much! Thank you for allowing us to share with you and for your words and prayers. We are made for Community.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Word From Sherry

Family and Friends,

I'm finally going to try and say a little something, although words can hardly express the joy that I have right now. Tears are filling my eyes as I'm finding it difficult to believe that I'm posting on this blog on the other side of getting my sweet Sophie Mei. She is the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on. I never could have dreamed that it would feel this good to hold her and kiss her. She is such a "cuddle muffin" (that's what I call her), she loves to be held and doesn't mind if we kiss her a million times. I'm just so full.

Marc is at Wal-Mart with some of the other dads and Sophie and I are just here in our beautiful hotel room. She's sleeping right now, I'll add her picture in a minute. Yesterday, was a big day. We had three different appointments with officials. The first was the most important. Each family had an interview with someone at the Civil Affairs office in the adoption department. We were interviewed briefly. It was just formality but some of the questions we were asked were, "What is your age? How long have you been married? Do you have any biological children?" Then the last few stung my heart. "Are you satisfied with this baby? Can you promise that you will never abandon her?" My heart wanted to jump back and exclaim, "Are you kidding?!!" but I knew I had to show respect so both of us just responded with a matter of fact, "Absolutely, we promise." Oh, do I ever promise. Its unreal how quickly my heart has fallen in love. This is a supernatural thing. I know there is no way I could love this beautiful baby any more if I had bore her. God's wisdom is so sweet and precious, it gives me incredible peace knowing that He holds our lives in His big, strong hands. This has blown my mind the last couple of days. As things have been so busy and hectic I haven't had any time alone with Him. I hope I can articulate this but its like I said, "oh yea, hey Lord, sorry I haven't spent time with you." and He responded, "Pschhhh, are you kidding, I'm right here, behind you, in front of you, beside you, underneath you. Every step you take is laid out by Me. I haven't gone anywhere. Just keep walking with a restful heart and believe that this is my good for you." I did have a sweet few minutes of prayer a while ago while Sophie was alseep in my arms. It feels so good to feel so needy for the Lord. Wow, am I needy. I've never felt so peacefully needy. And don't you just love the name Sophia! Wisdom in Greek, remember? I love God's wisdom, I need wisdom from Him and I'm desperately praying that He will grow Sophie up into a woman of wisdom. Praise Him, Praise Him.

Anyway, I said I was going to tell you what we were doing, I got carried away. The rest of our appointments were fine, it just got a little stressful being on a bus from place to place in rainy weather. And then we all (15 families) went to the Chinese Wal-Mart. We had an hour to get everything we needed, hence the reason Marc and others went back today. I have never been so happy to get back to a hotel room. Marc and I had not eaten very much in the last few days so we ordered pizza last night from Pizza Hut (yes, Pizza Hut is here too). Usually, Marc gets pepperoni and I get some sort of veggie pizza, but last night I was going to eat whatever he put in front of me. I tore up some pepperoni with extra cheese last night. Pizza has never tasted so good. Thankfully, today is a free day to allow everyone to get some rest. I know that Sophie is wore out, she has been sleeping alot today. She and I are going to go walk around the hotel in a few minutes. We will be here until Saturday (Jiangxi province) we have nothing else official to do here but wait for her passport. Then we fly to Guangzhou and will be there until next Friday. We have to do some paperwork there at the Consulate. We will spend Christmas there with all the families (22 total). I know we will have many more pictures to share with you all.

Last but not least, the emails and comments that you all have made have been way, way encouraging. Marc has been reading them to me everyday. He usually starts crying first, then I do. We might not can respond but I want you all to know that your comments mean a lot to us during this time. Please don't stop. We love you all and can't wait for you to meet Sophie!!!!

The Laughter of My Baby

We will try to write more soon. But for now, enjoy the pictures and videos. Thank you for sharing in the journey with us. Your comments and prayers help us to not feel like we are so far away.

Today's Pictures 12.18.2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Less Than 4 Hours

We made it to Jiangxi, China about an hour ago and are now at the Galatic Peace International Hotel. Yoda was our bell hop and Buck Rogers checked us in. But for real, this is probably the nicest hotel we have ever been in. They have a baby crib, stroller, and tub all ready for us. Now we just need our baby! Sherry and I are doing pretty good. We are hungry and will go down to the "western restaurant" for some lunch with the others. At 2:00am your time we will meet in the Lobby to go get SOPHIE!! Please keep us in your prayers. I am sure you are ready to see pictures and videos of her instead of the sites and videos of China. We have loved the experience here and have just about beaten jet lag.

Adoption Story

Tomorrow we will get our baby girl--your time Monday, 3:00AM. We have been enjoying our time in China, but we are ready for Sophie.
Check out the pictures and videos that we have posted to our blog. We will have her on here tomorrow...Lord willing.
Please keep us in your prayers

Marc Lewis

"I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess"

                                   - Martin Luther

The Great Wall of China

Today was a GREAT day. We started out going to church and hearing a GREAT sermon on God adopting us through Christ--cool timing right? We then went to a GREAT place to buy Jade. We had a GREAT bottle of Coke with some ok food. Then we hiked up part of the GREAT wall of China. But what does today mean to us? It means tomorrow we get Sophie! Thinking about climbing the wall today I am reminded of the importance of setting your sites on the prize and going for it...or her. We made it to the top of the wall and by God's Grace we will make it to Sophie tomorrow! Pray for us as we fly to her city to get her tomorrow, our 4:00pm Monday...your 3:00am Monday morning. You should wake up tomorrow with a video of her.

Enjoy the video and pictures --just click on both to view

Beijing 12.16.2007 Church, Jade Store and The Great Wall of China

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace

Today was a full day of sight-seeing. We are wore out but will sleep great tonight. I am glad that we have these days to adjust to jet-lag before we get Sophie. We love you. We will blog more tomorrow AM, your PM. Tomorrow we will go to the Great Wall! We are looking forward to that.

Click on the hand of the little girl to see more pictures.

Beijing 12.15.2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jet lag, not a friend of mine.

Well, its 1:50 pm for y'all, about 2:50 am for me and its been impossible for me to sleep. Of course, as usual, Marc is sleeping like a baby! He may fall asleep abnormally early and get up abnormally early for a few days at first, but atleast he sleeps. Its not fair. Marc and I know from experience that naps are not a good thing when trying to get over jetlag, but our tour leader suggested we go back to our rooms yesterday and get some rest before dinner. Marc stayed strong but I fell alseep for about an 1.5 hours, and now look where I am, wide awake! I'm hoping that the really long day we have a head of us, with no opportunities for naps, will help me. Surely, I will sleep all through the night tonight (Saturday). We will go to Tiananamen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. We leave at 8:30 am and return at 7:30 pm. Please pray for us. Its so cold and we'll be walking in it all day long. I'm feeling a little sickness coming on and I don't want to feel like ca ca on Monday. (excuse my language :-).

I only have to get through 2.5 more days before I see Sophie. Our itinerary has changed a little, we won't fly to Nanchang until Monday morning, rather than Sunday night. But we will still see Sophie Monday afternoon. Sunday we will go to church and then see some Chinese acrobats that night.

Well, I think I will try to read or watch a movie, that usually puts me right to sleep. We'll see.
By the way, this picture is me trying to tell the street vendors, "no thank-you". In Chinese, you say "Boo-Yaw". The only way I could remember it is because Marc kept saying, "Boo-Ya!".

Love you all,


Tour of Old Beijing

Click on the picture to see more pictures.
Beijing 12.14.2007

Here are some pictures of our tour today. It has been good for us to see the culture, beat jet lag and stay busy until Monday--Sophie Day. Just click on my new buddy and look at our pictures.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Morning Person??

Well, I am up and Sherry is not. It is usually the other way around. So what do you do at 5:00am? I read some from Isaiah, walked around the hotel checking everything out, and tried to convince Sherry that we should eat breakfast at 7:00am and then go to Wal-Mart and have some fun. I need a power converter to be able to use my laptop and cameras. I am currently using the computer on the top floor in the Royal Club Area. I am not Royal but they are letting me use it for free. That's cool. It is Freezing outside and we are going to take a bonus tour of old Beijing. The rest of our group will get in later today so we had some time. I wish Monday would get here already, but we will try to enjoy the day.

Beijing, We made it!

We made it. It's 9:30pm Thursday night in Beining China!!!. It has been a very long day of traveling and not eating fish on the plane. Our flight to San Francisco was delayed, causing us to miss our flight to Beijing. We were rebooked with China Air and had a very smooth flight. When we arrived at the Beijing airport we were greeted with a huge starbucks sign...I wasn't expecting that. After calling our group leader, we were welcomed by a man that couldn't speak English, except for saying "soft" as he felt my new sweat shirt from Tanger Mall. He hailed a taxi for us and sent us on our way. Our taxi driver was the best, he did not care who else was on the street, we were going to win...and we did. We have all our luggage and I think our minds. I want to go out on the town and eat at McDonalds just for the fun of it, Sherry would be just fine staying in the room until tomorrow. I think I can get her to go, they may have sweet corn pies at McDonalds instead of hot apple pies. These were AWESOME in Thailand.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Here we come.

We are leaving the house. See you soon.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Week From Today

Next Monday is Sherry's birthday and the day we get awesome is that!!! We will be leaving for China this Wednesday out of ATL at 7:30am. The first few days we will be in Beijing adjusting to jet lag as we tour around a little with the other families that are adopting. Of coarse the tour is not our goal, we just want our little girl. But as we have learned, putting some money into the economy helps keep good standings among adoption agencies and China. We will take advantage of it and find little gifts for Sophie to give her each year for her birthday until she's like 18 or 35. It will be important to help her keep some connectivity with her native country. We are about to go crazy, this has been a long road and now the end...or beginning is in site. Bobby and Larry, two of my pastors are counting down the days for me every time I see them.

Please pray that God would be preparing Sophie for a great Monday. Pray that in her grieving process she would allow us to comfort and love on her and that we would bond quickly. Thank you for your prayers and support. You are great friends!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Posts from China

We may not be able to post from China using Blogger but we will try. Another place to view videos will be Marc's Godtube videos

November 6, 2007 Referral Day

This was our Referral Day. The day we received pictures and documents about Sophie Mei.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bring Me Hope

Here is a video that I found today.
Caution: you will be gripped.

You may need to click twice on the play button.

The Day is Drawing Near

Friends and Family,
I'm sorry I've been so negligent on updating everyone. Our heads have been spinning getting everything ready. We found out the day before Thanksgiving that we are leaving 2 weeks earlier than we expected. What a nice change, earlier rather than later. We will leave on December 12, that's 10 days from now! I just wanted to share with everyone and ask you to be praying for us during this time. Please pray for the following:

1. Thoroughness of preparation. Details don't come naturally for me, please pray that the Lord will help us keep our heads on straight so that we can think for the right things.

2. Travel goes smoothly. We will leave on the morning of the 12th, fly to San Francisco with only an hour layover. We will fly straight to Beijing from there. We will come home on the night of December 28th.

3. It is our understanding that Sophie was moved back to the orphanage for the last two weeks before we get her. Please pray for her little heart and mind as she has so many transitions taking place. I'm sure it was very difficult for her to leave the only home she's ever known as well as the woman she has known as "Mama" for the last 10 months. Please pray for her foster mom as well.

4. Also, that the Lord would supernaturally be preparing Sophie for us. I know she will be frightened by the strange white woman who is weeping uncontrollably the minute they put her in my arms. Maybe pray more for me that I will be able to hold it all together so I don't make a disturbing memory for her. :-). But seriously, I'm really trusting the Lord for that initial meeting. I'm trying to go with no expectations but to be as sensitive to her emotions as I can.

5. And finally, that He would just allow us to walk by faith through this whole experience, and to be looking to Him the entire time.

Thank you so much for everyone's love and support. I may not be able to return all the emails and phone calls but you will be sure to hear from us soon.

God Bless You,Sherry and Marc

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beautiful one

Sophie Mei Lewis, my daughter, my precious,

Today I saw you for the first time, but it's not the first time I have loved you.

Today I wept over you, but again, not the first time.

Today I told your mother I loved her; the first time was 10 years ago.

Today you made me smile.

Today you made many smile.

Today your hair is awesome and sticking up. Mine is turning white.

Today I learned of your weight. I am trying to forget mine.

Today I learned that you have been living with foster parents. Answered prayers.

Today I thanked God for you, I know He's smiling with me.

Today you're on the other side of the planet, but your in my heart.

Today you still don't know who I am, I know you.

Today you're awake for the day, I am about to go to bed. I hope to see you in my dreams.

Today your new family celebrates over you.

Today I think of your birthparents, I love them.

Today I need you to be patient with me, I'm coming sweetheart.

TodayI need you to smile and love your foster parents, they love you.

Today I need you to eat good, rice soup can be yummy.

Today I need you to know that you're mine, but only entrusted by Maker.

Today I commit again to taking care of you and your mommy, you're going to LOVE her, she's so crazy about you.

Today I put your picture up all over the world, many friends are praying for you.

Today is cold in Georgia, but you have warmed my heart.

Today God's Spirit will hold you, I ask him to do this often. Don't ever resist Him my precious.

Today you made me laugh.

Today I long to hold you, soon I will.

Today has been a day we have waited for before you were even born, but Providence knew.

Today I ask Provider to take care of you.

Today I ask Banner to cover you.

Today I ask Peace to fill you.

Today I ask Wisdom to lead us.

Today I ask Savior to walk with you and speak of His life.

Today I ask Spirit to point to Savior the Beautiful One.

Today I ask Love to hug and kiss on you.

Today I ask Joy to tickle you.

Today I ask Kindness to look over you.

Today I ask Warrior to protect you.

Today I ask Grace to give us belief.

Today is a great day, a very very great day.

Today I am satisfied with you and your mommy, but more with Christ, He fills me so I can love.

Today I love you, but I have already told you that, get used to it, but not unmoved by it.

Today I need you, my beautiful one.

November 6, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lewis Referral!!!!

We proudly introduce you all to our precious baby girl, Sophie Mei Lewis. Her Chinese given name is Yu Cai Guang. She was born on January 19, 2007. We got the call today and they emailed us this first picture. Tomorrow we will be receiving a Fed-Ex package with two other pictures and all the history they have for her. Marc and I are on Cloud 9. I'm really exhausted about now because I haven't slept very well in the last couple of days, we've been anticipating this phone call since Friday. We are hoping to travel to China in late December or early January. I will post more later when I'm able to process a little more.

Love you all!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

100 Prayers Quilt

Friends and Family,

As you know, we are getting closer to receiving our daughter, Sophia Mei (we’re planning to call her Sophie), from China. The wait has been very long but very much worth it. We are so excited about what God has in store for us.

We appreciate so much all of your prayers for us over this entire process. But I do have another request. There's an old Chinese tradition that some of you may have heard of before, its called "bai jia bei", "100 wishes quilt", though we might want to call it “100 prayers quilt”. I’ve been thinking a lot about it over these last few months but am just feeling led to follow through with it. The way it works is that we ask friends and family to pick out a fabric of their choice (it can have some meaning to you or just be a pattern you happen to like), and mail two 5" squares of that material to us along with a scripture verse or prayer you would like to pray for our little Sophie Mei.

Once I collect all the squares, I will begin to sew a quilt for her. The reason I ask for two squares is that one of the squares will be used for the actual quilt, while the other I will use to cut a piece and place in a scrapbook along with the prayer or scripture you include. The other part of that second square might go toward making a miniature quilt for Sophie’s baby doll.

This quilt would be such a treasure to Marc and I and such a tool to use as we teach Sophie about God’s unique plan in bringing her into our family. I would love for her to have a tangible picture of all the people who were so excited about her arrival and even prayed for her before we ever met her. I know this is something she will come to treasure and likely pass on to her children and grandchildren.

I am very excited about this project. It would be great if I could start the quilt in mid-to late October. I’m sorry I didn’t leave you very much time.  Please don’t worry about the fabrics matching anything, it will be exciting how God puts it all together.

So, in a nutshell, this is what I’m asking of you:

• Mail 2 5” fabric squares (100% cotton is preferred), along with a scripture or prayer (or both) for Sophie Mei.

• Mail it to us at: 1702 Highway 155 N. McDonough, GA 30252

Thank you and God Bless,

Marc and Sherry Lewis

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One Step Closer

Well, we are officially the next in line to receive our referral!!! Today, I received an email that Groups 239 and 240 received their referrals and we're group 241. This really doesn't change any of our estimations, its just not bad news. I did have a small glimmer of hope that we could receive a referral in October but I'm a little more sobered that that's not likely. I think the safest thing is to say we're hoping to have our referral at the beginning of December and travel to get Sophie 6-8 weeks after that. Please keep us in your prayers. Love you.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here is a group of precious sisters who encourage me greatly. We have been meeting together in some capacity for the last 14 years. It began when one woman began discipling 5 younger college women. Then those 5 women began discipling other women. This is what is commonly referred to as "spiritual multiplication". This particular spiritual lineage has continued on past us to bear much fruit on the campus of Georgia College and State University. But something happened in those first 2 generations to bond us together. What started off as a few college "small groups" is now one group of women who are spread around the world, literally, but who try to come together once a year to share what the Lord has been accomplishing in their lives and in their faith. We are all in such different places in life. We have the incredible priveledge of walking through pain and suffering with one another. It seems that the older we get, the more difficult the trials get. But getting together on this one weekend every year always feels like such a significant marker to me. "Whewww! I made it here once again. I lived through the last year, fighting the good fight of faith, to tell about it. To share with some of my dearest friends all that the Lord has done and has taught." Its incredible! We get to spill our guts out in such a safe place and have the godliest women we know pray for us. And then before we know it the weekend is over and we're on our way back to our places of battle, feeling refueled and recharged and ready to live the next year of life to the fullest, only by the grace of God.

This group of women have been especially dear to me through this adoption process. As soon as I start to talk about Sophie and where we are in this journey, I see this sweet little smile come up on everyone's face. Sometimes I even notice a few moist eyes at the first mention of her name. I'm not sure why it always catches me by surprise a little. I guess because these kinds of realtionships are so uncommon. These are the friendships that truly represent the unselfish, others-focused, love of Christ. I know that these women are praying for Sophie, and for the Lord to hasten the day that we will meet her. I can't wait for them to meet her too.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blessings during the Wait

This wait has not been easy. Having to daily surrender control of circumstances and choose to trust God has been quite a test. He has continued to remind me that He tells me to wait on Him, but not to be idle during this wait. God has continued to provide opportunities to invest in the lives of others. Alot of times I feel like I'm getting more out of these relationships than the other party. Over the last 2 years of being at Salem Baptist there has formed a small group of teenage girls who have grown near and dear to my heart. Initially, we just announced to the youth group that we were going to have small groups. A hand full signed up and we started meeting on Sunday nights. This group has mainly stayed at about 12 girls, losing a few and gaining a few but still the main "core" group still meets at my house every Sunday night. (We have named it "Core Group") This school year we've even added meeting on Thursday mornings at 7:15 for prayer and encouragement. Half of them are seniors now. Its been so neat to watch them grow and change over the last couple of years. The other day, I was commenting about how much life changes for them in such a short amount of time, and that I felt like nothing much had changed for me in that same amount of time. One girl chimed, "Except your hair color." I tried not to take offense at that. :-) I have had a hard time making up my mind about my hair color the last couple of years. Oh well. All this to say, I'm so thankful for these girls. They are so excited about Sophie coming home. They've been around from the beginning of this wait in the summer of 2005. I have no doubt that I will have no shortage of babysitters to choose from.

Joseph's Heart

Posted April 5, 2005 on another blog

Joseph's Heart

Tonight I was reminded of why Sherry and I are adopting; love and a working of God in our hearts. I believe that if it is God's plan for us to have a baby from China it will be His plan A. In love, he predestines things to work out for His glory and our good. Yes there is pain, but God knew that there would be sin, pain, tears, and trouble before the foundations of the world and had ordained His Son to be the one to bring us peace, love, joy, and hope. He ordained this all and in it, Joseph, Mary's husband was to be the earthly father. Jesus was adopted by Joseph! The glory is not in Joseph but the work of God in the heart of Joseph. Adoption is modeled in Jesus' earthy family. Adoption is not plan B for the family who can't conceive, at least in the mind and plans of God. God does not work in fallback plans. Even sending Jesus was not plan B, He was slain before the foundations of the World!! I learned and relearned many of these things tonight as I read some articles on "The Spirit of Adoption".

Thank You God for giving me a heart like Joseph; a heart ready to receive your will in adoption.