Monday, November 23, 2009

A scarf in Thailand?

Can you believe that I'm sitting at my computer wearing a jacket and a scarf? I also have a throw blanket wrapped around my legs. The temperature is right at 60 F this morning. I know that doesn't sound cold to many of you but I mine as well be sitting outside in the 60 degree weather. We have no insulation and all granite/ tile floors so its pretty much the same temperature inside as it is outside. I walk with a good friend of mine at 5 am and I have NO long exercise pants here. So I'm out there with running shorts and a jacket. Our Thai neighbors don't mess with the cold weather, everyone we pass (the 3 other people walking at that time) are bundled to the max- sock caps, scarves, gloves, etc. I'm sure they think I'm crazy. But, with all that said, I LOVE IT!!!!!! There is nothing better to aid in getting in the holiday spirit than cold weather- well, playing Christmas music always helps.

Sophie and I made a couple of Thanksgiving crafts. There is one with a poem writen on it that involves writing things you are thankful for. I asked her to tell me things she was thankful for and she started her list: God, Daddy, Mommy, a few family members, and then she said holiness. "Holiness?", I asked. "What do you think holiness means?". She answered, "I don't know. God told me to say it." Was that a message for me?

We are also getting ready for our big Thanksgiving dinner at the church. We were going to have the meal at our house but with the unpredicability of the weather, we thought it best to have it at the church. We have no AC in our downstairs and its predicted to be 90+ degrees on Thanksgiving day. Sitting around sweating while trying to enjoy a big plate of hot mushy casseroles would not be fun. Whoohoo, I cannot wait for a plate of hot, mushy casseroles all piled up together with just a corner reserved for a heaping spoonful of cold, crunchy broccoli salad. While we may not have access to all the holiday trimmings, we certainly make do. It also usually turns out that someone is making a trip to Bangkok and can make a grocery run for everyone. This year it happened to Moe and Git. Git had a long shopping list that included stuff like: pecans (which cost about $5.50 for 1/2 cup), corn bread mix, canned pineapple, cranberry sauce, karo syrup, etc. The only thing that will be missing this year is a turkey. Yes, thanksgiving without a turkey. We actually have access to butterball turkeys here but they are outrageously expensive. So, we do rotisserie chickens from a local grocery store. Honestly, I can take or leave the meat (although I do love my Daddy's perfectly moist smoked turkey), just give me that plate full of hot, mushy casseroles with a little crunchy broccoli on the side and I am blissfully content.

I look forward to posting pictures of our Thanksgiving spread from this Thursday. I will be assisting our resident decorator, Mary Jo Ray (missionary teacher) with the festive decor. I know we will have a wonderful day of eating and talking, two of my favorite things. The upcoming month holds lots of other holiday activities. We'll be making a trip to Laos, Bangkok and Khao Yai. I'm sure we'll have lots to write about then. We also have a group of Australian college students coming to help meet Thai students on the campus. I'm looking forward to all the Lord has planned for us over this Christmas season. We're praying that many hearts are opened and that the gospel would pierce and bring freedom. Joy to the World!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009