Saturday, February 9, 2008

Its been a while since we've posted, sorry. Life is pretty busy these days. We are getting into a pretty good routine and loving every minute of it. Have I told you lately how much we love this baby girl? There absolutely cannot be a baby who has ever been kissed so many times by her mom and dad. Marc and I can't keep our hands off of her. She is doing really well, I would say she's thriving. I've been learning a lot lately through some very helpful books about "adoption parenting". I think I'm finally clear on the fact that because of the uniqueness of Sophie's first year of life, she has some unique needs that most 12 month olds might not have. I guess you could say I was a little naive and just subconsciously kept telling myself that I had been taking notes long enough and everything would work just as smoothly as I had always dreamed. Not that there have been any major issues, just all the books I've always sworn I would follow don't always apply to our circumstances. I'm clearer now more than ever that the only book that is applicable in all situations is God's Word. Wow, again, I love feeling peacefully needy for the Lord and HIS wisdom.

Sophie is really a happy baby. It doesn't take much to get a smile or a squeal. The sweetest of those squeals happens when her daddy walks in the door in the evenings. Boy does she love him. She is a pro at giving kisses back too. Actually, she is almost kissing too much these days. At first she was only kissing us and pictures of animals in her books. Now she kisses every picture: apples, balls, chairs. She even kisses the floor in front of her daddy. (I told you she loved him :-)). She also loves blowing kisses. I can tell she is getting more and more secure which is such an answer to prayer. She is very mobile and doesn't think a thing about crawling out of the room. We now have to close most of the bedroom doors. She is also picking up a few more words. As you saw on her birthday video, she loves to say "duck", by far her favorite word. But she will also say "mama" (though not on command) and "da" whenever Marc comes in the room. Sometimes we can get a "bye bye" out of her and I can tell she is trying to say "amen" after I do, but it comes out more like "mayme". She is standing on her own without holding on to anything, I think she'll be walking in no time. Watching her grow and learn is absolutely thrilling. Thanks for listening. God Bless.


Kim said...

Great to hear an update. I'm so happy she is secure and thriving. I'm sure your doing great and you are right the Bible is the only authority in parenting. Sophie is fearfully and wonderfully made. These are still things I'm learning 3 kids strong! Each of my kids need to parented differently and with consdieration of who God has made them to be. Have a great week with your beautiful baby.

Tony said...

I miss her already. Hearing that sounds so awesome. Reminds me of watching Kendall move around. She never crawled but she had the boot scoot down.. Oops Booty Scooty... =)

I am glad things are going well. Looks like you got the right book to help you out. Nothing better than The book.

Still trying to find out where in the bible I can punish her for throwing a ball at my head... I will let you know cause Sophie will be there soon. =)

We are now getting the Why this, why that?!? WOW! I heard David Watson talk about it with Claire a few months ago but HOLY COW!

Miss you guys. I hope things are going well and thank you for an update. =)

Jennifer said...

You practically described Zoe to a 'T'. Everytime Zoe starts kissing things like the chair and such, Tim says "Don't waste those kisses on that! Give those kisses to 'da da'."

Also, about the part where you don't think any kid has been kissed on as much as Sophie....I think I know of one little girl who has been kissed at least as much if not more....hahaha!

Aren't they amazing and beautiful?!

We miss you guys so very much!

Jennifer G.