Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

6.17.2008 Father's Day Weekend

Click on my dad and Sophie for more pictures.

Having many loved ones congratulate me on my first father's day really got me thinking great thoughts.

1. I am a father
2. Sophie is my babygirl (no space)
3. Sherry is my wife and Sophie's mommy (this makes me happy)
4. I know nothing...others can help...Jesus loves me
5. We have had Sophie with us for 6 months
6. We have a great family that loves us
7. We have great friends that loves us
8. Sophie can say bible
9. She turns her ear close to me when I tell her I have a secret for her
10. She tells me secrets in a sweet whisper
11. She is busy and has lots to do
12. She is a good helper
13. I would do anything for her and her mommy
14. I have great parents and in-laws
15. My mom and dad love all their kids and grand kids
16. Joseph loved Jesus just like blood
17. Jesus loved Joseph with his blood
18. Sophie has been placed by God in my arms!
19. She likes to dance
20. She likes to laugh
21. I was a dad this time last year, we just didn't know each other yet
22. Grace is good
23. Messy toys
24. Friends
25. Jesus


Anonymous said...

I loved your pictures and blog entry. Happy Father's Day, Marc! God bless ya'll. Stacey

Anonymous said...

i've enjoyed watching all the videos you posted at GodTube. Sophie is soooo sweet, and you're a great daddy.

adoptive mom of three