Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

I'm not sure if anyone ever looks at our blog anymore but I think I'm ready to use it again. Yay!!!! Next week marks our 3 month anniversary of being back in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Originally, I named this blog "Sweet Journey" referring to our long, but sweet, journey to our first child, Sophie Mei. Now, I would like to keep the title but have it represent our family's daily "sweet journey" with Jesus as we live a relatively normal life as Americans in northeastern Thailand. I would love all you precious people that we love so much to occasionally see and hear what's going on in our daily lives. Marc has a blog where he keeps everyone updated with the ministry on the college campus, this blog will be more about our life at home, where Sophie and I spend most of our time. So, stay tuned and I'll try to come up with everyday musings to keep you involved in our lives. We love ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sherry!!!
Glad to hear from you. Hope your okay, what email address are you using now? I have been thinking of you. Sherri, Pete and their boys spent Mon. night with us. It was good to see her and made me miss you more. :)
Love you
Jennifer Meadows

Anonymous said...

I was checking here to see if you would write again. I'm so glad I did. I would love to be able to keep up with you. You are so missed! I think of you often and pray for all of you. Love you, Kim C.

Tiffani said...

yes! definitely use this as your Mommy blog! I love hearing from you and seeing sweet Sophie!