Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blessings during the Wait

This wait has not been easy. Having to daily surrender control of circumstances and choose to trust God has been quite a test. He has continued to remind me that He tells me to wait on Him, but not to be idle during this wait. God has continued to provide opportunities to invest in the lives of others. Alot of times I feel like I'm getting more out of these relationships than the other party. Over the last 2 years of being at Salem Baptist there has formed a small group of teenage girls who have grown near and dear to my heart. Initially, we just announced to the youth group that we were going to have small groups. A hand full signed up and we started meeting on Sunday nights. This group has mainly stayed at about 12 girls, losing a few and gaining a few but still the main "core" group still meets at my house every Sunday night. (We have named it "Core Group") This school year we've even added meeting on Thursday mornings at 7:15 for prayer and encouragement. Half of them are seniors now. Its been so neat to watch them grow and change over the last couple of years. The other day, I was commenting about how much life changes for them in such a short amount of time, and that I felt like nothing much had changed for me in that same amount of time. One girl chimed, "Except your hair color." I tried not to take offense at that. :-) I have had a hard time making up my mind about my hair color the last couple of years. Oh well. All this to say, I'm so thankful for these girls. They are so excited about Sophie coming home. They've been around from the beginning of this wait in the summer of 2005. I have no doubt that I will have no shortage of babysitters to choose from.

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