Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Joseph's Heart

Posted April 5, 2005 on another blog

Joseph's Heart

Tonight I was reminded of why Sherry and I are adopting; love and a working of God in our hearts. I believe that if it is God's plan for us to have a baby from China it will be His plan A. In love, he predestines things to work out for His glory and our good. Yes there is pain, but God knew that there would be sin, pain, tears, and trouble before the foundations of the world and had ordained His Son to be the one to bring us peace, love, joy, and hope. He ordained this all and in it, Joseph, Mary's husband was to be the earthly father. Jesus was adopted by Joseph! The glory is not in Joseph but the work of God in the heart of Joseph. Adoption is modeled in Jesus' earthy family. Adoption is not plan B for the family who can't conceive, at least in the mind and plans of God. God does not work in fallback plans. Even sending Jesus was not plan B, He was slain before the foundations of the World!! I learned and relearned many of these things tonight as I read some articles on "The Spirit of Adoption".

Thank You God for giving me a heart like Joseph; a heart ready to receive your will in adoption.

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