Saturday, June 27, 2009

A French Press in Amazing Thailand

Another week in "Amazing Thailand". This has been a description for Thailand used by the Ministry of Tourism for atleast the last 10 years. Now, its commonly and affectionately used by most Thais and foreigners (that's us) living here. It really is a pretty amazing country. I think our sweet little house guest is loving his visit (Slade would probably prefer not being called "sweet" and "little" but since this is my blog I will proceed with overly feminine and maternal language). We love watching someone "fresh" enjoy all the things to look at and observe. The mama and baby cow travelling in the bed of a truck, and another truck loaded down with plastic chairs at least 6 ft. high with a man sitting on top calls out to a newcomer as a great photo-op, but to us feels very normal. The first couple of weeks that we were back felt like a shock to my system- culturally- but its been encouraging that all those things quickly returned to feeling familiar and normal. I'm sitting here on my bed, Sophie napping beside me, with my laptop- everything feels very normal- but then I think, "Wait, I'm in Thailand, on the other side of the globe, and I LIVE here." Strange.....but wonderful. It can only be the Lord to give this kind of peace being so far from home. We were just reminiscing today at lunch. We let ourselves dream sometimes, picturing the beautiful drive to Marc's mom's house in N. Caroline, the geraniums on the square in McDonough. The other day I was watching a video of the procession that took Sgt. Beale's body from the airport to the funeral home. The video took me down all the familiar roads from Fayetteville to McDonough. My heart did ache but still it had peace. Its been neat explaining to Sophie why Daddy and Slade go to "campus" everyday. I want to keep before us all, even Sophie, why we're here. Here's our conversation,
me: "Sophie where is Daddy and Slade?"
Sophie: "campus"
me: "Why did they go to campus?"
Sophie: "tell friends about Jejus."
me: "what do they tell them about Jesus?"
Sophie: "Jejus loves them. Jejus died on the cross."
me: "If they believe in Jesus where can they go?"
Sophie: "heaven".
Marc likes to clarify and keep us on track, "Sophie, who will be in heaven?" Sophie: "Jejus... and P'Honey (one of the staff girls whom she loves.)

Anyway, I was going to talk about our week and went off on a tangent instead. Sophie and I have had a few friends over for dinner while the guys were on campus. Marie and her boys came over on Tuesday night and I made spaghetti pie, then on Thursday night we kept little Rae Rae (Moe and Git's daughter) while Moe was in the hospital (he had nose surgery after a minor soccer accident). Sophie had fun playing with Rae, except for the few times that she couldn't quite make herself share her toys. She had to get a little discipline a couple of times but other than that they had fun together. Finally, on Friday night Sophie and I were able to attend our first ministry event on campus. She had a really good time as long as she was stuck to her Daddy's side. That was nice for me too as I was able to get to know a few students. We have a retreat in a couple of weeks that Sophie and I will go on. I'm looking forward to that so that she and I both can spend more time with everyone.

The last bit of exciting (though insignificant) news from this last week is that I got a french press coffee maker. I've been drinking instant coffee for the last three months and since its already not easy to find a good coffee maker for a decent price, I bit the bullet and bought a french press. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a good cup of coffee with it but I'm hopeful that I can master it and wow my mom and dad with a superb cup of coffee when they come to visit in September.
If there are any french press experts out there, please feel free to instruct me.



Mom said...

Hey there. I love to read about your daily lives. I have a French Press. I got it on sale at Pottery Barn - $10 - a real buy! There is not much to know about making the coffee. We haven't seen Pat and Jerry for a while. We have all be floating in grandchildren. Greg and I just finished VBS. We had 5 grandchildren here for 6 day, and GRACE abounded. It was wonderful and exhausting at the same time. Today the house is quiet and I am catching up on "stuff". Greg is feeling poorly and this coming week we will spend a lot of time in doctor's offices. We love you and pray for you and those God places before you to hear His Word. Ginger

Glitterbugz Makeovers said...

well, i'd like to say "i'm a french press expert", but i can't. i'm not. i have complete faith in you though, as much as you like to read directions and figure things out, you'll be making the perfect cup soon.

love, sister

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sherry
I have been using a french press for about 3 years now. After a trip to Guatamala to the coffee plantation. They say it is the way to make a "proper" cup of coffee. So when I come home, and after a few months of looking I found one.
What I do is buy whole beans or grind them at the store. They have to be ground corse. Fine will come though your screen on your press. I usally use about 3 or 4 scoops. Depending on the type of coffee and size of your press. If you have a mild coffee (Breakfast blend) use more if it is a strong (French roast) use less. Add your hot water, stir it and let it sit closed for about 3 minutes. Then press it down. If it is hard to press down turn it to open. They break pretty easy and pressing down hard will do it. Then I heat about 1/4 of my coffee cup with my milk and pour the coffee in. Then I add sugar. Hope this helps. It really is the way to make the best cup of coffee. When you get the measurements to your taste. Good luck.

Cindy Leaf said...

Oh, sweet Sherry! I love reading your blog and catching up a bit! I love you guys. Talk to you real soon!