Monday, June 29, 2009

Sophie's new video

Random Moments from marc lewis on Vimeo.

Sophie talking, singing, and dancing.


Anonymous said...

Awe! She is a PRECIOUS! Jake watched with me and he was trying to wave at Sophie on the computer screen. :) Loved hearing your voice too. You don't seem that far away on the computer. ;) Love you.
Jennifer Meadows

Doodlebug and Ladybug said...

She just gets cuter & cuter! "Doodlebug" was trying to do the "dance move" (leg out straight to the side) that Sophie was doing at the beginning of the video & she said, "That's hard!" :)
What kind of flooring is that in your house?

Anonymous said...

Wow! loved the ballet moves. People work for years to develop some of those positions! She is so adorable. I read about her accident (on email) and pray that she heals completely soon.
I'm looking forward to talking with Slade about his visit with ya'll.
Love, Kim C.