Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trip to "Big Mountain"

We have a busy few days ahead of us. Tomorrow, the new mall opens in Khon Kaen. This is a big deal. For some crazy reason I have agreed to go with 3 of my friends, toting two children, to the opening day of this mall. My biggest objective is to find out whether or not they will be selling Christmas trees. I am desperate to get a Christmas tree up but I'm not yet desperate enough to spend $50 on a short, gappy, sparse, plastic tree. Watch, I may be eating these words after tomorrow when I can't find my dream artificial tree. There is just nothing like bringing home a nice, big, full, Fraser Fir that smells up your whole house. Those were the days. But its also nice to have all your windows open enjoying nice, perfect temperature weather on Christmas Day also. The blessings and the sacrifices- life is full of them.

Ok, so on with our busy week. After our mall outing on Thursday we will have a Women's Christmas Fellowship on Friday night. This is a party that our team puts on every year for our staff women and missionary women from other organizations in the area. I'm really looking forward to this. We're having a appetizer buffet, lots of dips, chips, cheesiness of every kind and cookies. Can I handle it? Thanksgiving already left me with 1.7 extra lbs. I'll just have to do a few extra laps around the neighborhood this week, and a few hundred more crunches (not).

Lastly, the reason for this whole post in the first place, Saturday morning I will be leaving to go to Khao Yai (pronounced 'Cow Yie). The Thai staff girls are putting on a small women's evangelistic retreat. There will be 16 Thai college students (12 of which are unbelievers), 2 Australian college students, and 6 of our staff women. This is really a big opportunity that we would love for you to be praying for. The majority of the students are girls that our two single Thai staff women at NEU have been building friendships with over the last few months. We are asking the Lord to prepare their hearts to respond to a clear presentation of the gospel. We are convinced that it is the gospel that is "the power for salvation". Please pray these things for our weekend:

1. Safe travel as we take 3 vehicles on a 4 hour drive (one way).
2. Snow and Honey would have clarity and boldness as they teach and share the gospel.
3. That the Holy Spirit would remove the blindness and chains that keep these young women in bondage to idol worship and seeking satisfaction and happiness in the things of this world.
4. That, I personally, would be able to build some relationships with these students. Being at home with Sophie, I have little opportunity to go on the campus and enter their world. I would love to maximize this opportunity in order to build trust with them so that they would feel free and comfortable to come to "my world". How I long for my home to be a refuge, a safe, warm place that when unbelievers walk in, they know there's something different and they want to know why. I want more opportunities to use hospitality as my medium for evangelism.
5. Lastly, pray for Marc and Sophie as they will be home alone for 3 days. I know Sophie will miss me but she LOVES extended quality time with her Daddy.

I look forward to posting lots of pictures from our weekend and maybe even share about another soul being redeemed!


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