Monday, January 7, 2008

ZZZZZZZ...there, I think I caught them all.

Sophie Mei Lewis 1.6-7.2008

Sophie slept through the night, with the exception of a 5 min. see mommy and daddy break. She is getting back on track, but as you can see in the pictures she fell asleep at dinner. How rude, just when I was trying to explain to her the difference between sanctification and propitiation. Some of our friends came over tonight and brought us some yummy dinner....thank you! We had a great visit and play time. Sophie is now beginning to crawl and I love watching her figure it out. She did a great floor crossing for us and you would think that she just won a gold medal in the Olympics by the way we all got so excited and clapped....maybe she will one day...maybe I will...maybe I would break every bone in my body. Today I went back to work and it was good. We had a pleasant staff meeting and then I spent the rest of the day catching up with Kevin and then Jerrell in some one on one time. It is great seeing young men love Jesus and desire Him. I did however miss being with Sophie and Sherry all day.

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