Saturday, January 12, 2008

Social Studies Fair!!!!

My (Sherry) cousin, Julianna, goes to Luella Middle School. She chose the topic, "Why are there so many Chinese girls who need to be adopted?" for her Social Studies project. Her project was chosen to represent her school at the county wide fair. We were so proud and excited when she wanted to use some of Sophie's pictures for her display board. Today was the big day. Sophie and I went up to the school where the county wide competition was being held. It would be a few hours before they would know the results, so I took Sophie home for lunch and her nap and my mom and I returned to the school to see how Julianna's project faired. Well, she won a "Best in Fair" ribbon which means she will move on to the Regional competition. Julianna did a wonderful job with her display. Marc and I are continually praying that God uses Sophie's life, our journey to her and our journey with her for His glory. Adoption is a beautiful and powerful thing that, I believe, God has so much to teach us through. Whether it be through a conversation with a curious Wal-Mart clerk or through a Social Studies project in a public school, may God be exalted through this little life and the way God has brought her into our family.


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Grammy Lew said...

Amen and amen -- that our children may be used for His glory. What a beautiful project!!

How amazing God is in His creation for His glory. How faithful He has been to give us the desires of our hearts.

God grant us grace to walk and live that Sophie and all her cousins may see You in us, see His divine plan for our lives and His soverignty in all that touches us.

Grammy and Grandaddy Lewis