Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Friends, Heaven and Jesus

Sophie Mei Lewis 1.4-6.2008

Click on the picture of Brooks and Sophie to see more pictures.

Today we made our first church visit. Sherry took Sophie by to meet the ladies in Sherry's SS class, they have been so encouraging and involved with us...thank you. Sophie was very sleepy, so was I, she decided that it would be a good idea to play all night instead of sleep. She is still on China time. As I did my normal rounds to the student SS classes Sophie went with me. It was so much fun to see her just taking in the students...and Phil Wrye...instant friends.

Today in church Don Piper, author of 90 Minutes in Heaven spoke, and will do so again in the night service tonight at 6:30. It was encouraging to see the power of prayer and the need to tell our friends about Jesus. The only thing I would add to thoughts and reality of Heaven, according to the Word, is the greatest part of all....that is where Jesus is, that is where God is. Our identity and joy is wrapped in Who we are united with, Jesus, a fruit of that union is the destination, a glorious Heaven that Don so richly experienced and shared.


Nancy & Dave said...

I noticed in the background, you have so many framed pictures of Sophie already. How cool! Its like you have all been together forever! I love her coat! I almost bought the exact same one at Old Navy but Dave stopped me since it will be years until we travel and we don't know our baby's size yet. I love following your blog, it is very encouraging to those of us in the beginning phases. God Bless!
Nancy & Dave Weigle

Kurtis & Aimee said...

I know you don't know us, but my husband and I have been following your story! So amazing! God is so good. We too are going to go thru America World in fall of 2009, we're waiting to reach our married 5 year requirement for El Salvador! Anyways, you have blessed us with your story! Sophie is so beautiful! You are blessed. Speaking of Heaven, good book to read...Heaven by Randy Alcorn. I'm reading it now, alongside my husband, we are fighting over the book. If you want to focus on HOME...this is such a good book!