Thursday, January 3, 2008

When Love Takes You In, EVERYTHING Changes

Here is a video that was posted on godtube by someone. The song is by Steven Curtis Chapman.

"Everything changes" is one of the lines of the song and it is so true, not just for Sophie, but for us, our family, and friends. My family now has new DNA, literally and metaphorically. Sherry and I are no longer the same family that we were just a month ago, yes much is the same, but that much is now touched and involved by a new member of us. Much of adoption is often focused on how the child's life is changed, and that is sooo true and good. But, having Sophie in our lives has been such a blessing and privilege. She is teaching us in new ways about the love, peace, discipline, persistence, hope, faithfulness, glory, and the sovereignty of God. There are pictures that God paints in His word about being a father and caregiver, but there is a breakdown between me and God. He does it perfectly and relies on no one. I do it imperfectly and realize more than ever how much I am dependant on God, family, and friends. I can give, love, encourage and do many things like God, but not completely like Him. That is the beauty of God in me as the Holy Spirit accompanied by His Word...He longs to love Sophie through me and with me. What a relief, what a burden bearer He is, what hope that gives me. I really do exhale when I think about His desire for Sophie...It is so much larger than mine...I CANNOT fathom that. So I breath and I welcome the changes He has made in my life for the magnification of His nature. He longs for me to trust in Him. So a part of my self dependence has been exposed and crushed, maybe a painful change, but a good one. Pride in me will constantly need a chisel and hammer in the hands of Jesus. Always needing to see the "I have been crucified with Christ" aspect of the faith leads to freedom, obedience and joy.

Pray that we would all get back to a good sleeping schedule. Sophie decided to play thourgh the night. Her clock will soon change.

He has brought Sophie into my family for many reasons but today I am thankful for His purpose in changing me and helping me to rely upon Him and the body of Christ.


lisapeel said...

Thank you so much for continuing this blog. It is really great for those of us that don't live close. I feel like I have already met your precious baby. I love all the pictures and videos. My mom enjoys looking at the pictures too, she is very happy for all of you!I have also shown this site to Tim, he wants to talk with you sometime, Sheri. Look forward to seeing you all. Love & Prayers, Lisa

Glitterbugz Makeovers said...

Precious Brother- I do thank both of you for continuing. It's just like icing on the cake to me, but I love the way it's touching so many lives. Also, I'll have to say that God used these words to prick my heart this morning "God desires to love Sophie through me and with me!" God desires to love Sara and Isabelle through me and with me- that is rich and real and I need to remember it. Love you guys, Cindy