Friday, January 4, 2008

Doctors Visit

Sophie Mei Lewis 1.4.2008

I was going to get Sherry to write about the visit to the doctor today, but she is knocked out on the couch. Sophie decided to play through the night and mommy and Sophie both are now sleeping like babies. Sophie checked out very well today with the doctor. Everything is great. She liked the doctor and did not like the shots. Man, that was hard seeing her take a finger prick, a skin test needle, and four shots of vaccines in the legs. What a trooper! We were going to let her eat a Big Mac for lunch but she fell asleep in the carseat about a min. away from the doctor's office. Just kidding about the Big Mac...Whoppers only. Notice that in the pictures there is Lamb Chops. This has been a little joke ever since Sherry Marechale became Sherry Lewis. Remember Lamb Chops?? One of the families actually called Sophie Lamb Chop while we were there.

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Gran said...

I thought I'd be the only one to get the Shery Lewis-Lambchop connection. What a famous family with Jerry Lewis and all and now little Sophie Mei. Please send your address so we can send a Welcome to the World gift. We are praising God with you. Dave and Suzi Rust(Mason's mom and Dad, Harrison and Anna Claire's Gran and Grandpa)