Friday, January 4, 2008


Sophie Mei Lewis 1.3.2008

Yesterday we needed to get out of the house to get our "melatonin straitened out" so we we could know that we were in the USA and not China. Sounded smart but...we are all still pretty mixed up with our sleeping schedules. I took the week off so I really don't mind, I actually like helping Sophie to get back to sleep. Pray that God would give us good rest and a more "normal" schedule.

This morning we will be having our first doctor's visit in the USA. Sophie has been thinking about being a doctor or taste taster, I think she is training more in tasting everything, I will keep you posted about her career choices.

Please pray for my mom and dad (Pat and Jerry Lewis). My dad has Shingles and it may last a few weeks or more. Mom was coming down to visit again, they saw us at the airport, but we all listened to Sophie's doctor and put that on pause. It hurt my heart for my mom, dad and even my sister's family, her family was "exposed" to it too. My sister used the words "God is Sovereign" about three times on the phone with me. I think it was to comfort all of us. Pray that my dad would recover fast and not be in to much pain. Pray that God would help them to wait just a little longer.

Sovereign. In the time of the puritans, this was a name that was frequently used in referring to God. Not just "God you are Sovereign", but it was used as a name. What aspects of God do I ascribe to God when I am talking with Him? In our culture today it would be more of the names like...Giver, Provider, Helper, Sustainer...these are all right and good and we can never seek to diminish these names of God, but what about the names...Wisdom, Judge, Justifier, Sovereign, Leader, King, Sanctifier, Propitiator, Knowledge, Life, Love, Long Sufferer,....and on and on. It is good to be reminded that I don't know much about he greater plans of God...I think my head would explode about second 2. He is Wise and Good. He is Sovereign and in that Kingship works with ultimate authority causing "all things to work together for the good, for those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose".

It is good to have a place to think out my faith and even have others be encouraged, be encouragers, or even criticisers....don't know of any but know we do it.

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Bethany said...

It's amazing how God used your post today to speak to me. It was a gentle reminder that God is in control and I need to remember that and put all my trust in Him. We are in the process of adopting from Guatemala and it's been a very rough road. Your post today brought a smile to my face and also a gentle slap (God style) to my back. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and helping me today. Thanks!!!!!