Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Watch Me Crawl

Last week Sophie did not even like to be on her hands and knees, now watch her move across the floor! Putting a sweet potato puff on my camera helped her to give it her all. Please pray for Sophie.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I wasn't able to see the video yet, but I'm so excited that your Sophie is crawling! Please pray for Sophie D.--she's rolling all over but not crawling yet! Pray that I'll be patient with her development. Sherry...it was great talking to you the other day! What a blessing! I look forward to the next time...and when I'm able to see you guys! Stacey

Jo said...

Yay Sophie! What a big girl!

The Collins Family said...

Marc, Sherry, and Sophie,

Savannah told me you had a blog so I went searching and found you. I wish I had found it much sooner! We are all thrilled that little Sophie is finally home with you. Can you believe how amazing God's love is that he blesses us with these children? Amazing. I went back through and watched your "gotcha" video. Today happens to be the anniversary of our "gotcha" day so it brought back a flood of emotions. Oh how that day changed everything. Be prepared for time to FLY now. I don't know why it seems to stand still while you're waiting and passes like water through your hands when they come home. Cameron has been with us for a whole year. In some ways it feels like he came home just yesterday, but mostly it feels like he's been with us forever. He is God's perfect gift to our family.

God bless you all and congratulations. We could not be happier for you all.

Steven, Kerry, Savannah & Cameron Collins

Glitterbugz Makeovers said...

PRECIOUS PRECIOUS keep forever footage!!!!!!