Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sophie's 1st Birthday Party

Sophie's 1st Birthday party
Wow, what a beautiful day! We had a party planned at Grammy's house. Mommy was busy getting things ready for family and a few of my new friends. By lunch time we knew that the weather may change our plans. Several friends were driving in from north of Atlanta and family from out of state. It ended up being just my mommy's family since we live so close. We had a lot of fun. I really liked being the center of attention, I'm not use to that (right!). My Aunt Melissa (a.k.a. Sissy) made me a beautiful birthday cake. Mommy really didn't want me to have too much sugar yet so she made me an all-natural cake. The icing was just cream cheese sweetened with apple juice. I'm not sure why she thought I would like it, she wouldn't even eat it. The cake was pretty good but I left the icing alone. I also enjoyed opening my birthday gifts. Pulling paper out of bags is funner than I thought. By the end of the night I was pretty tired but I didn't want to leave. I cried the whole way home (5min drive). I can't believe that I'm already a whole year old. Time sure flies when you're having fun!! Please feel free to enjoy my pictures. Daddy is working on my birthday video, it should be on here soon.


Sophie Mei


Dina said...

That's a very "pretty bracelet" that you have on, Sherry. You better not wear it while you're driving...hee hee! ;-)

Robin, Haley and Hannah Lamp said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! May God continue to Bless you and all of the wonderful family that He has placed you with!

Glitterbugz Makeovers said...

Precious, precious! What a blessing to be part of baby's life. Isabelle and Sara sure do enjoy being able to check in on the blog, especially when they get to see pics of things they were involved in w/sophie. love you, cindy

Debbie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!!!!! We can tell you have had a wonderful time with your mom and dad and the rest of the family!!!! We LOVE YOU!
The Noble Family