Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Successful Bathtime

Sophie Mei 01.01.08

Thank you so much for all of the suggestions on bathtime. Yesterday was our first successful bathtime with no tears. Sophie's cousin, Isabelle, gave her a bathtime Cabbage Patch doll named Quinton. We started off by sitting Sophie on the edge of the sink, fully dressed, while I gave Quinton a bath. She slowly started playing in the water with her feet. I filled the other side of the sink with warm, soapy water and let her put her feet in there. It was a good thing I wasn't on a time schedule. I took off layers of clothing little at a time and finally slid her in. She whimpered for 1/2 a second but then resumed playing in the water. I thought this was such good progress that I didn't wash her hair. Then, today she had so much banana wiped through her hair I decided I would take the plunge. But as you can see she was all smiles with a sudsy mohawk. The tears and screams came when I tried to rinse her hair. She doesn't want even one drop of water to touch her face or eyes. I know this will get better with time. The time of day was better too. I'm going to continue giving baths in the daytime for now and we'll move to nighttime later. Thanks so much for your suggestions. This blog thing is way too cool. Don't be surprised if I post many questions for you.

The other pictures were from the Rocker girls coming to visit. Mary Elle has been dying to see Sophie. Everytime I have seen Mary Elle for the last two years (on atleast a monthly basis) we have the same short conversation the second she sees me, "Where is Baby Sophie?", "She's in China.", "Why?", "Because that's where she lives right now?" "Why?" "Because that's where she was born.". "Why?" "Because that's where God wanted her to be born." "Well, go get her." "I will.", "Go get her now." ..... That conversation always made me smile. Mary Elle was also adopted and her intense interest in my bringing Sophie home was beautiful to me. It meant something more deeply to her than the other kids her age in our family. I know that was from the Lord. When I say intense, I mean intense. The day we got our referral picture on the computer she and her mom came over and I thought she was going to run over her mom to get through our door. She ran through the door yelling, "Where is she? Where is Baby Sophie?" She was a little disappointed when she found out it was just a picture. She did the same thing when she walked in the door today, "Where is Baby Sophie?" She came around the corner, saw Sophie and let out the biggest, "Awwwwwww." She started asking her, "Did you come from China?" Sophie proceeded to tell her all about our flight home. :-) I was unable to get that initial meeting on video. I'm not as quick as Marc is.

I'm not sure if many people are still reading our blog now that we're home but its pretty therapeutic for us. Right now its 12:15 am and Marc and Sophie are asleep. I'm hoping both will sleep through the night.


Bethany said...

Congratulations on making it home safely! Sophie looks so cute with her little mohawk. I'm glad she's taken to bathtime now. It's good advice for us to use at a later time. :)

Kim said...

We are still reading..don't stop.

Terrie said...

Still reading, Sherita...

Love, love.

Hayley Fort said...

I love all of Sophie's mohawk pictures! When she gets older, i know she'll love them too. She just has the cutest hair.
And you were up late writing this! You must still be on China time!

Glitterbugz Makeovers said...

How very sweet. Baby Sister, it is for real! It's just pretty wild to have kept up with this blog for the past few weeks, talked w/you via computer screen and then held my sweet little chubby cheeked niece. I was just going to look at Sophie's bath pictures, didn't know all the other pics were on there from Christmas at Mom's, etc. Wow, does that mean we're famous too? God is sooo good. You and I just talked about praying for Bethany Rose this morning and then I see that she sent you a comment. For anyone who may read this comment, please pray for the Rose family and the adoption process to bring their little Caroline home from Guatemale. They are visited her atleast 4 times and she is not home with them yet. Hopefully it will not be much longer, but I know Mama and Daddy are stretched with some paperwork challenges and other hold-ups. We have thought about them so much during this precious time of Sophie's homecoming. We want the same for them. Please pray for them. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please keep writing even though your home! I want to hear all about everything ya'll are doing and going through with your new little girl! It means so much to me that you would take the time to write (type) all of this out for the people who can't be there to see ya'll (like me)! Keep writing! I love ya'll! Tell Sophie I said hey! ;)
Love, Victoria Wicker

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I am still reading and checking my email hoping for more of Sophie! I also hope that you'll be sleeping instead of writing at 12:30 am! ;) She is so precious.
love all 3 of you
Jennifer Meadows

Jo said...

Still reading. It's the highlight of my day! Adelle loves seeing the pictures of "Baby Sophie", too. She asks all day long to see her! :)

Adelle still hates having her hair washed, but she's old enough now to hold a dry washcloth to her face and that helps a lot.

Love you guys!

Holli said...

Sherry, isn't amazing the things that are now so satisfying to us like a successful bathtime? I know your schedule, your time, your energy - everything is reoriented - all towards this precious little girl. It's amazing how everything about your life changes. Keep writing. I've enjoyed keeping up with her and think it's so wonderful log her journey on the internet as a platform for bringing God glory! Thanks for your sweet email about Connor. Hope to see you soon! Holli

Amy Steele said...

Sherry and Mark,
Do keep writing. I love looking each day and sharing in your joy. Sophie is precious and I am blessed by your blogs every time I read them. I'm praying for your family.

Amy Steele