Friday, December 21, 2007

Day Out

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Sophie Mei Lewis 12.20-21.2007

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Glitterbugz Makeovers said...

Oh my- what can I even say, seriously. As I am in physical pain, seriously, my heart is aching, God is just showing off. I'm thinking, "Please come home, so we can see ya'll." But, if you were home we wouldn't see you on a video at 5:30am. We'd see you in person, but at appropriate times, not necessarily while you're getting ready to go to dinner and we couldn't be popping in your house all thru the day! I'm so in awe of God, His sovereignty is so unfathomable. He is so no humanly logical- He's God logical. We would ask for the immediate and what we think is most self gratifying. He's multi-tasking like we cannot begin to ever imagine or think. He's been speaking to people since Sophie's birth- and creating a longing in so many hearts- mainly yours, of course, but so many others also. He's given so many people a love for you and for Sophie, for a special purpose. We just thought it was going to be amazing that Sophie would finally be in your arms. Now, we got to see actual video footage of your first meeting (we only fantasized and thought that would never be possible), we get to see her upclose and personal, in ways we would have never seen her with her being at home. Even though you might really long to be in your home in your pjs, you would NEVER get this type bonding that you're getting right now. Could someone please write a book? Oh, I guess they have, we're just experiencing it. Evidentally God knows just when our (your family here in the US of A) love and longing for Sophie has made it to the point of His timing and we'll get to actually touch her and hug her. In only a small way, it's like we're looking at our Christmas present under the tree that is laughing and cooing and smiling, but we can't open it until Christmas! I'm sorry, I know I've gone on and on, I just caught up with two blogs that I haven't even seen and didn't get to talk w/you guys at all yesterday. Goodness, we are spoiled. I'm not going to say, "Come home" anymore (it's gonna be hard- I know I've only written it 10 times). I'm just going to praise God every time I can think of it until you guys get home. "How can I keep from singing His praise, How can I ever say enough, How amazing is His love!" Ok, I don't think you should probably post this comment. People are going to think you have an emotionally challenged sister- you do- but we can keep that somewhat on the down low. I've mostly only been thinking of you and God while typing. I love you 3 so much. Baby sister, my heart is still overflowing- my joy for you and my love is unspeakable. Brother, even more than I ever have- you're such a good husband to my baby sister and daddy to my niece. Ok, I'm just saying- I'll see you when I see you. said...

Dearest Lewis Family,
I know that you have no idea who I am. I found the site thought a close friend Russ Butcher. Adam posted a link to this site and I was intrigued. I lived in Guangzhou for a year sharing the love of my father with the beautiful people there. I have yet to read one blog post here that didn't produce tears. It is amazing to see how Jesus works in all things. It’s even more amazing to see his people give him the glory for his works. Thank you for sharing your story and being a blessing to me. -Rebecca

Aunt Jeanne Beanne said...

Merry Christmas Lewis family!
I did not think it was possible but Sophie gets more beautiful every day. Seeing the three of you together always brings tears to my eyes, I love you all so much. I have become addicted to your blog, every morning it is the first thing I do when I wake up, see new pictures of Sopie and both of you. I can't wait to hold her, just like I held you, Sherry, when you were that tiny. Enough of memory lane, just have a Merry Christmas and a blessed day. Love you all. Can't wait to see you.