Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Night China

Sophie Mei Lewis 12.27.2007

Tonight is our last night in China, Lord willing. We will be leaving in the AM to begin our travels back to Georgia. We will arrive in ATL around 9:00PM Friday night. We are so ready to be home. China has been great. Our time her has been and will be one of the greatest times of our lives. But, it's time to go home, so I rejoice. My girls are ready to be home. Pray for us as we travel. Pray that Sophie would have a great time and sleep well. Pray that we would take care of each other and be full of His strength. Pray for all the families and babies as we travel. We love you and will post once we get home Friday night to let you know all is well.

Oh yeah, Sophie and Zoie (the little baby she pushed over yesterday) have made up. They held hands in the lobby of the hotel today. Sophie has had a great day filled with food, naps, walks, visas and laughs.

See you soon.


claire said...

I cant wait to see her!!!!!!!!

Josh and Val said...

We're praying for you and the other families as you make the long journey home! We're so excited to meet Sophie, but we know that we need to be patient while she (and her parents) adjust to being home! We love ya'll!!

big daddy said...

Hello Marcus- paul mack here. Thinking of your family often, praing too. I love you and am so happy for you all 3.
big daddy