Friday, December 14, 2007

Jet lag, not a friend of mine.

Well, its 1:50 pm for y'all, about 2:50 am for me and its been impossible for me to sleep. Of course, as usual, Marc is sleeping like a baby! He may fall asleep abnormally early and get up abnormally early for a few days at first, but atleast he sleeps. Its not fair. Marc and I know from experience that naps are not a good thing when trying to get over jetlag, but our tour leader suggested we go back to our rooms yesterday and get some rest before dinner. Marc stayed strong but I fell alseep for about an 1.5 hours, and now look where I am, wide awake! I'm hoping that the really long day we have a head of us, with no opportunities for naps, will help me. Surely, I will sleep all through the night tonight (Saturday). We will go to Tiananamen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. We leave at 8:30 am and return at 7:30 pm. Please pray for us. Its so cold and we'll be walking in it all day long. I'm feeling a little sickness coming on and I don't want to feel like ca ca on Monday. (excuse my language :-).

I only have to get through 2.5 more days before I see Sophie. Our itinerary has changed a little, we won't fly to Nanchang until Monday morning, rather than Sunday night. But we will still see Sophie Monday afternoon. Sunday we will go to church and then see some Chinese acrobats that night.

Well, I think I will try to read or watch a movie, that usually puts me right to sleep. We'll see.
By the way, this picture is me trying to tell the street vendors, "no thank-you". In Chinese, you say "Boo-Yaw". The only way I could remember it is because Marc kept saying, "Boo-Ya!".

Love you all,



Glitterbugz Makeovers said...

OK, just so we understand the time difference...are you 12 hours ahead of us??? So when you finally get to see Sophie will it be about midnight for us?? I just want to be able to see the pictures you send as soon as you post them. Please take of yourselves, bundle up and dont get sick! Your tour of the forbiddon city sounds fascinating, I can't wait to hear all about. Love you both bunches...sending you lots of hugs and prayers!

Anonymous said...

the chinese acrobats sound especially wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...I love reading your posts. For some reason, all I can think about is Thailand when I see your pictures...even though it doesn't really look like Thailand! The tuk-tuk things do, though. I know it's hard not to see Sophie until Monday, but at least you'll hopefully be rested up and on track when you see her...that way you won't have to worry about jet lag :-). We're praying for you here in Eastman! Love ya...stacey