Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Word From Sherry

Family and Friends,

I'm finally going to try and say a little something, although words can hardly express the joy that I have right now. Tears are filling my eyes as I'm finding it difficult to believe that I'm posting on this blog on the other side of getting my sweet Sophie Mei. She is the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on. I never could have dreamed that it would feel this good to hold her and kiss her. She is such a "cuddle muffin" (that's what I call her), she loves to be held and doesn't mind if we kiss her a million times. I'm just so full.

Marc is at Wal-Mart with some of the other dads and Sophie and I are just here in our beautiful hotel room. She's sleeping right now, I'll add her picture in a minute. Yesterday, was a big day. We had three different appointments with officials. The first was the most important. Each family had an interview with someone at the Civil Affairs office in the adoption department. We were interviewed briefly. It was just formality but some of the questions we were asked were, "What is your age? How long have you been married? Do you have any biological children?" Then the last few stung my heart. "Are you satisfied with this baby? Can you promise that you will never abandon her?" My heart wanted to jump back and exclaim, "Are you kidding?!!" but I knew I had to show respect so both of us just responded with a matter of fact, "Absolutely, we promise." Oh, do I ever promise. Its unreal how quickly my heart has fallen in love. This is a supernatural thing. I know there is no way I could love this beautiful baby any more if I had bore her. God's wisdom is so sweet and precious, it gives me incredible peace knowing that He holds our lives in His big, strong hands. This has blown my mind the last couple of days. As things have been so busy and hectic I haven't had any time alone with Him. I hope I can articulate this but its like I said, "oh yea, hey Lord, sorry I haven't spent time with you." and He responded, "Pschhhh, are you kidding, I'm right here, behind you, in front of you, beside you, underneath you. Every step you take is laid out by Me. I haven't gone anywhere. Just keep walking with a restful heart and believe that this is my good for you." I did have a sweet few minutes of prayer a while ago while Sophie was alseep in my arms. It feels so good to feel so needy for the Lord. Wow, am I needy. I've never felt so peacefully needy. And don't you just love the name Sophia! Wisdom in Greek, remember? I love God's wisdom, I need wisdom from Him and I'm desperately praying that He will grow Sophie up into a woman of wisdom. Praise Him, Praise Him.

Anyway, I said I was going to tell you what we were doing, I got carried away. The rest of our appointments were fine, it just got a little stressful being on a bus from place to place in rainy weather. And then we all (15 families) went to the Chinese Wal-Mart. We had an hour to get everything we needed, hence the reason Marc and others went back today. I have never been so happy to get back to a hotel room. Marc and I had not eaten very much in the last few days so we ordered pizza last night from Pizza Hut (yes, Pizza Hut is here too). Usually, Marc gets pepperoni and I get some sort of veggie pizza, but last night I was going to eat whatever he put in front of me. I tore up some pepperoni with extra cheese last night. Pizza has never tasted so good. Thankfully, today is a free day to allow everyone to get some rest. I know that Sophie is wore out, she has been sleeping alot today. She and I are going to go walk around the hotel in a few minutes. We will be here until Saturday (Jiangxi province) we have nothing else official to do here but wait for her passport. Then we fly to Guangzhou and will be there until next Friday. We have to do some paperwork there at the Consulate. We will spend Christmas there with all the families (22 total). I know we will have many more pictures to share with you all.

Last but not least, the emails and comments that you all have made have been way, way encouraging. Marc has been reading them to me everyday. He usually starts crying first, then I do. We might not can respond but I want you all to know that your comments mean a lot to us during this time. Please don't stop. We love you all and can't wait for you to meet Sophie!!!!


Lauren said...

Its so good to have another letter from you!
It feels as though your sitting right in front of me talking and describing your feelings. I will be praying for yall everyday! Im just so happy that Sophie is now apart of the family! It just shows how God is in control in every situation, once again just by you being apart of my life... i have learned so much through watching you and how you have handled situations. I Love You. and Marc. Thanks for being here for me always... and im ALWAYS here for yall! I cant wait to see yall at the airport... and I WILL BE THERE!!

Glitterbugz Makeovers said...
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Glitterbugz Makeovers said...

i just saw these pictures for the first time- they are so precious- my favorite- besides the close up with mama and then w/daddy is the one at the end when she's looking to the side- oh my goodness! come home, ok?

Tony said...

Oh my goodness that was so good to read all that. I got spoiled being able to talk to Marc. I wanted to ask him like 100 questions but had to remember you guys are probably already getting bombarded by questions all day so I had to cool it.

I am so happy for you two. It is good to see you guys having a chance to rest and you just GOTTA love some Pep Pizza with Xtra Cheese!!! I think I might try to talk Dina into that tonight... See what you did??? =)

We continue to pray for you guys and I am so happy for you guys as I have already told you a dozen times in comments. haha!

P.S. is that real pepperonis???

Miss you guys!

wrye said...


As a mother, myself, my heart is so full for you. I can see how in love with her you already are. I know that feeling and it is wonderful. She is the most beautiful little girl. I loved hearing her laugh. Enjoy every minute of her. She is perfect. We can't wait for all of you to get home. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Jared said...

Hmmm.....another little girl added to the picture, the family get togethers just got alot louder(good loud - with more little girls' screams and laughs!) :)

Paige said...

What a sweetie! Sherry thanks so much for taking some time to write that, I could feel your emotions and love all in it. She is perfect! I love the picture with you holding her and she is laughing. So cute! I can't wait to kiss those cheeks!

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys!
Sophie and I are looking at the blog together this morning. It's become my morning and evening ritual! I love seeing and reading about all that's going on with you guys. Thanks for taking the time to do this! My friend Patricia (who also adopted from China) and I were just chatting away last night at visitation about your experience. She was telling me that she can't wait to read your blog every day! I was asking her all kinds of stuff like...what did you bring, what did you feed her, etc? But one neat thing she told me was that it's supernatural the way that the Lord bonds your little babies to their parents. It brings tears to my eyes to think how sweet the Lord is to already have bonded you to Sophie Mei. It's great to hear from you, Sharita! Sophie said "yay!" to you guys. We love you! Stacey and Sophie

jill hudgins said...

Sherry - I can't even imagine what you're feeling right now, although you did an amazing job helping us understand. As your friend who loves you so much, my heart is completely swollen and just welling over with joy and emotion and....I keep coming back to this....just a renewed sense of our Father's tenderness and compassion. He is the ultimate loving Parent, so you know He is just RELISHING giving you this gift (can't help but imagine Him relishing these moments). You both have been so obedient and trusting during the waiting. It makes this PRIZE even sweeter...of course, for you, but even for those who've witnessed it. Love you and can't wait to see all 3 of you!

steph and brandon said...

I am so happy for you both!!! Thank you for sharing all the pictures. I am so excited to see what new pictures you have posted each day. Your sweet family is such a blessing!

Hayley Fort said...

Sherry, i love reading your thoughts! You're always so encouraging, and you show how God does work in His timing. And we may not think its the best timing because we have to wait, but He knows it is. You wouldn't have little Sophie otherwise! She is so precious, and i can't wait to see her. Her eyes are so big! I love them! I love and miss you and Marc!

Holli said...

Sherry, I've been trying to respond since Tuesday. Not such a whiz on the computer as you and Marc. Watching you with Sophie has been the best reality TV I've ever seen! I can't get enough. My heart has been so full for you guys this week. I've even had my neighbors over to look at your videos - they are so moved (to tears) and they don't even know you! You are so wonderful to let us share this experience with you. It's been such a blessing! God is soooo good!!! I know He's enjoying every minute of this with you. Praying for a safe and smooth arrival home. Merry Christmas! What a way to bring in 2008! ADOPTION IS THE BEST!!! Love ya'll - Holli Lange and boys

Anonymous said...

Marc and Sherry,

Maybe Sophie can come over to play with Hannah when the time is right. I know they would be good friends. keep the pictures coming. We both check them everyday.
John, Jessica, Hannah Harman

Cindy Vickers said...


From Mother to Mother . . . . ahhh the sweetness I have felt over the last few days just watching you guys. There is NOTHING in this world like being a mother. I think its absolutely no different whether you bore her or not . . . . she is yours and you could never have imagined loving another human being quite this much. I am so excited for both of you. God is so at work through you guys right now for all of us. Teaching us that we need to slow down during this season and enjoy the precious things in life like FAMILY! Can't wait to see you guys. Ya'll are doing an awesome job of keeping us updated. We get so excited every day checking the web site (several times a day actually). Love you and can't wait to see you!!

Cindy Vickers

Renee C said...

I second Holli's words! Adoption ROCKS! I've told my mom all about your journey & blog & can't wait to show her when I get home for Christmas. Its been good for us to talk about & helped to see some of what she must have felt picking me up at an orphanage almost 33 years ago after a 5 year wait for a baby. Its beautiful to hear your heart during these first few precious days and an amazing reminder of God's faithfulness and joy to give us good things. I know He is so proud to give you such a gift as Sophie! Peace ~ friends!

ammonsfam said...

Wow! Late to the party, but no less affected. Thanks for sharing all of that. she IS Precious!! Can't wait to meet her in person. We love you guys.
shane and steph