Sunday, December 16, 2007

Less Than 4 Hours

We made it to Jiangxi, China about an hour ago and are now at the Galatic Peace International Hotel. Yoda was our bell hop and Buck Rogers checked us in. But for real, this is probably the nicest hotel we have ever been in. They have a baby crib, stroller, and tub all ready for us. Now we just need our baby! Sherry and I are doing pretty good. We are hungry and will go down to the "western restaurant" for some lunch with the others. At 2:00am your time we will meet in the Lobby to go get SOPHIE!! Please keep us in your prayers. I am sure you are ready to see pictures and videos of her instead of the sites and videos of China. We have loved the experience here and have just about beaten jet lag.


Renee said...

I'm giddy with excitement for you way over here!!! Can't even imagine how you must feel. It has been so cool to see China thru your eyes. By the way, how fiting that you are at the Galactic "Peace" hotel! Next time I ask for peace, I'm going big and asking for GALACTIC PEACE! Seriously though, it Looks like you've had a great time together. Thanks for the tour... now time to get on with it & show us that sweet baby! Just spent some time praying for you and the day ahead. Blessings, Renee

Anonymous said...

It's 3:OO am here, I wonder what Shophie thinks of her new parents....I wish I could see whats going on... I've been praying for ya'll...Can't wait to see pictures in the morning

A Salem Prayer Supporter!!!