Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ready to Come Home

Sophie Mei Lewis 12.26.2007

We have two more nights in China(counting tonight) and we are ready to get home. I think Sophie is ready too. When I think about all the changes she has been through it breaks my heart and helps me to be patient when she is obstinate and fussy. Just think about it, she was placed on the steps of a government building the day after she was born, spent a week in the orphanage, spent 10+ months in a foster home in a village, was put in the arms of two crazy in love white people (us) and then has stayed in two different hotels, eating in too many places, shopping, walking, pooping etc. Needless to say she has been through a lot. We are ready to get home and begin some normalcy in family and function. Today she pushed over another baby (see pictures), cried at the top of her lungs as she got her bath...that top gets higher every few days, chose to fuss over dinner and fought going to sleep. We pushed her past her limits today as we were out too long. I don't like to see my baby cry...Sophie too. haha, no Sherry is doing great. Really though, we have been showing you all the cute and fun pictures, but as you know none of us are good, no not even one. Sophie knows how to cry to get what she wants and for now that's what we give her. I am so thankful for my mom and dad and those of you who helped to shape me as I was a baby, child, teen, and then a man. Please pray for the next few days as we wrap things up here and get home. And please, keep praying for us as we begin to adjust to one another back home. Man, she is so precious. You are going to just love talking with her. She loves her mommy and I am pretty sure she loves me too. I believe she knows we are hers. That reminds me of the song "I am my beloveds and He is mine". We are made for relationships, for love, for belonging. Christ made a way for us and drew us into the family of God. That process was full of heart and mind change, of identity change. It was a time of trust, a time to let go our our will and grasp onto His. For some it was less painful. Well, Sophie is going through much change. Please pray that God would supernaturally help Sophie to see that we want the best for her, that she would trust us and relax and begin to know that we are here to stay, that we will never abandon her or leave her(outside of death itself).

Love your children today, your friends today, your family today, your siblings, your people, your's more powerful than we know.

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Anonymous said...

i feel like i have been watching one of those hallmark movies on TV for the past 2 weeks...thank you so much for sharing this part of the journey...i have cried tears, i have laughed (hard), i have learned, i have been encouraged, i have prayed, i have cried some more,i have been reminded, i have been quieted, i have worshipped, and i have totally fallen in love with your little Sophie Mai!!! Isn't she such a blessing??... its so amazing (and quite humbling) what insight we receive into our father's heart of love when he allows us to parent his children! We are all waiting for you 3 when you get home!! you will never be alone!!!
Shannon Towe