Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Father's Love

Hey, it's Marc. Normally by the time I have the pictures up and ready and videos somewhat edited, I don't have it in me to write. But, my girls are watching a movie in the bed and didn't invite me. Sophie is just laying on her back on Sherry's chest playing with a hand towel and her ear being very calm and warm. Sherry is so in love it's crazy. I thought she loved me...well, I have never seen this before. How can one love so much??? Man it is overwhelming! very overwhelming. Very good. Super good. A met longing is something other. I can't really put it into words. It's just better than what we have thought or imagined. God is good to us. Although Jesus is the center of God's plan for mankind, He does, through Jesus love us with unexplainable love that fills and motivates. God loves me as a son. I can feel it more and understand that love, although only a fraction. He fights for me. I will break you in half, or find someone to do it if you mess with my baby girl. He sings over me, I can't stop singing to and over Sophie. The word Mei has so many words to rhyme with.

Here comes my Sophie Mei
You can try but you won't look the other way.
Sophie Mei, Sophie Mei
Just to hold you another day.
I can not think, write or say
any thing close to express my love for Sophie Mei

But He loves me. I am reminded this season of our Father's love. Contemplate it before you get caught up with things that don't matter, and with things that do.

Well, I am going to invite myself over to the movie and warm up a little. We love ya'll so much! Thank you for allowing us to share with you and for your words and prayers. We are made for Community.


Tony said...

I am disappointed in both of you. I went a whole day not knowing what was going on with you guys. Can we please work on this? I think I had refresh atleast 200 times yesterday looking for an update.

I really should not complain since I got to talk to you but I am sure I am speaking on behalf of the other side of the world. =)

Loved the words my friend. I am super happy that you are happy! Good times brother!

TeleVETTE said...

My name is Yvette. I am an old friend of the family through your cousin Rhonda. She told me about the blog a week ago and I have checked in daily for updates. I can't tell you how it has warmed my heart to see this blessing on video/pictures and in writing. Sophie Mei is precious and I wish you all much love and happiness always. Thank you for sharing your sweet journey in this format. What a beautiful Christmas gift for your family and friends!