Sunday, December 30, 2007

Getting Back on Time

We will have some pictures up later today from the last day of travel and the past two days. We are trying to get back to Georgia time and it seems like Sherry and Sophie are doing pretty good. I am not doing so well at it. I think today is the day that I will turn it around and get back on schedule. We are loving being at home and spending time with family. Sherry's family has been over and we are now, as I blog, at mom and dad Marechale's house having Christmas. My side of the family will be coming down on the 2nd and Sophie can't wait!!

We do appreciate your patience with us and allowing us to have family and adjustment time. Sophie is doing so good and will probably "go public" soon.

Please pray for her bath time. She doesn't seem to like water much and crys. When we get her out she is fine and smiles. Any suggestions on how to help her with bath time? Just click on the comment tab below and let us know. For now we are just thinking that she will soon love it. We love you and look forward to fellowshipping with you soon!


Risher Family said...

You might try taking a bath/shower with her for a few times until she gets use to it. And also try some bubbles and even some of those soap crayons that lets her right on the tub?? Of course, she may think it is okay to write on the walls later...yikes. It may be that she is unsure of being submerged in water. Also, give her a cup and show her how to pour the water while she is in the tub. I hope this helps. God is so good and you guys are awesome parents!!
Love you!

Holli said...

Tub toys is the best suggestion I have ... making it a play time. Got tub toys? we certainly will get those for her ...

So glad Sophie's in her home! Tony and Dina told us all about your homecoming! Take Care. Holli Lange

Anonymous said...

Def. A Rubber Ducky!!

While playing the song :)

Love, Lauren

Anonymous said...

Hey Ya'll...well, you probably already know this, but you may want to check the water temp. She might be used to having a certain temp before. You could sit in the tub with her while it fills up and don't let it back out until you get out (she might not be familiar with the noise?). It's hard to say. Some kids just don't like the water! I babysat a girl one time who screamed through her baths, so I would just get it over with as quickly as possible! But I hope it gets better. Maybe if you're in there with her, it won't be so bad! I saw your pictures...I can't believe how much your nieces have grown!! Oh my word! I know your families are loving little Sophie! Hope the jet lag gets better soon!! Love, Stacey

Stephanie Noll said...

wrap her in a towel and let her stay in the towel throughout the bath only pulling the part back that you need to wash. she might be cold! hey, some babies just don't like baths!!!!
love to all.

Anonymous said...

Sherry & Marc,

Our family has rejoiced with yours. How thankful we are for the picture your family has modeled before all of us adopted children in Jesus Christ! Thanks and enjoy!

We have a baby whose birthday is days away from Sophie's. Mary Anna is scared of the noise a shower and tub make when it's filling. We ran the bath with her playing elsewhere and that seems to help her enjoy the time now. She also cries when the vacuum runs and when I use a blender, food processor, or coffee grinder. Sophie, like many babies her age, may do the same thing simply because the noise is loud to her little ears and can be frightening to her. I know you've had a successful bath time already with many more to come--congratulations!

Hopefully you 3 can settle into a routine soon. Y'all will do just fine!

In Christ,
Evelyn Eaton Bickel
(from all the way in Ottawa, Canada!)